Cure the IDSA


May is lyme awareness month, and as it’s fitting I figured I would talk about the issues that are continuing to leave so many chronic Lyme disease sufferers sick and going without proper treatment. There is a misconception in the medical community that Lyme disease is A. Not chronic and B. Not fatal. Luckily there is a lot of scientific evidence out there to overthrow those two claims. The problem is: the IDSA is not acknowledging this science. For years and years the IDSA have stuck to their guns about Lyme disease even though their guidelines and definitions of ‘Lyme’ are outdated. The science has been growing with figuring out why Lyme can be chronic and hard to treat. Yet the IDSA still claims that Lyme disease is not chronic and easy to treat. This leaves those with chronic Lyme disease in a tricky place. How can one get help for their disease, if their disease is neglected and or dismissed by big health officials like the IDSA/CDC? Where does one turn? Even some doctors who want to help chronic Lyme patients are stuck. Where do they go for support? How do they diagnose and treat patients when there these overseeing bodies (CDC/IDSA) putting barriers in the way of a doctors ability to diagnose and treat Lyme- especially if it’s chronic Lyme. Must their hands continue to be tied if they want to do the right thing? Remember the hypocratic oath? !

In addition, I personally have not recovered from the ‘IDSA standard’ that claims that 2 weeks of antibiotics can cure a Lyme disease infection. I have been on treatment for almost a year and am still not better (this does not include co-infections either smh).
The IDSA and the CDC are the main problems that are hindering individuals from getting better from Lyme disease because until they also change their ‘standards for treatment’. There are many forms of treatment protocols. One is long term antibiotics, either orally or through IV. Long term antibiotics are hard to get, because as mentioned earlier- chronic Lyme is still up for debate. You can’t treat something chronically if it doesn’t exist chronically. This is why chronic Lyme disease needs to be validated, that way we can hopefully get a cute. After all, that’s what the hypocratic oath is for right? Do no harm to the patients? Then why is the IDSA doing harm and denying hundreds of thousands of people the treatment they deserve to get better. People should not have to die from Lyme disease, and I blame the IDSA and CDC- because they are responsible. They also set the standards to what level of treatment doctors can prescribe to their patients. They hold mercy in their hands, yet refuse to show it to any of us.

To understand this in more detail especially concerning Lyme disease please check out the following document:

Love yall.