The Phantom ‘perma-flu’.

I often joke around with my friends and family and tell them that I have the perma flu because it seems like my yucky “flu-like” symptoms never leave me. And if they do, it’s only for about a few days and then BLAM…..”Honey I’m Hoooome!”. Every month without fail, these symptoms like to stop by to say hello. How kind.
The past two weeks and a bit I have been suffering from another phantom flu. I don’t know if I really have a flu, or if this is just my body’s way of relapsing? But anyways, I’ve been trying to ease my symptoms without using antibiotics because I feel like I’ve been on too many this past year and a half. I feel like I have a sinus infection, or at least something funky going on in my head. It’s not cool at all. I can finally tell that some of my weird head sensations are starting to slowly drift away so I’m hoping that what I’ve been doing has been helping me, I’ll share some of my tips with you here.
Maybe they’ll help you!

Some of my symptoms included:
-Nausea vomiting
-Hot Sweats
-Body Aches
-Muscle weakness (I had another fall)
-Numbness in right arm and feet
-Dull/numb pressure feeling in the middle of head
-Sensitivity to light -ow!
-Sensitivity to smell- causing vomiting
-Sensitivity to sounds
-Coughing and choking on mucus…gross I know.
-IBS symptoms….I’ll leave it at that.
ImageImageIphonesickness 330

Anyways, some things I did to help ease symptoms were:
1.Rest. If I’m not sleeping with a humidifier, I’ve been resting a lot. The only time I’m up and about is when I’m making food. Then, I go back to sleep, if I can’t sleep I try to rest and throw a movie on (If I can tolerate the light and sound).
2.Drinking lots of liquids: I have been drinking a poop-load of liquids. I tried to drink lots of tea so that I could inhale the steam as I drank. I also drank lots of cranberry juice! My favourite go to remedy is my homemade herbal tea consisting of ginger, cinnamon, cayenne pepper and honey (which you can see in the picture above, yes it’s in a starbucks cup! My cat likes to smell my drinks, hence the lid.) The natural ingredients in the tea are good for you which is why I make it! And it tastes good too! Which is always an added perk.
Ginger has anti-viral/fungal, antinausea, antihistamine and antinflammitory properties. Cinnamon has anti-bacterial/fungal/parasitic properties; It is also known to help aid in brain functions . Cayanne has great cardiovascular properties: It is good for the heart, helping clear clogged arteries and has also been used to aid in stomach ulcers.
Going with the liquids theme,
I also ate lots and lots of chicken noodle soup! I added some cayanne and pepper to it, so that the spices would help clear my sinuses. I’m surprised I’m not sick of the soup yet though.
3.Alternating heating pads and ice packs. I used a heating pad for my muscle aches and pains and ice packs for my eyes and my head. The ice seems to minimize that horrible pressure feeling in the head and eyes.
4. Vic’s steam shower! I rub vics on my chest, upper back and on the sides of my nose. Then, hop into a hot shower and breathe in the steam- It’s like your own personal sauna and the steam helps release the vics in the air, opening up and clearing out your sinuses.
I did this a lot and ended up coughing up lots of phlegm in the shower and had a runny nose!
5.Vitamins. I have been taking probiotics, cranberry pills, astragalus root pills, iron and vitamin b12 pills.

Hopefully some of these tips will help you when you’re battling a flu or sinus infection.=]

Grace and peace,