Heart Ache. Lyme-Carditis

Hey everyone, Top O’ the mornin’ to ya!
It’s 1:05 AM and I can’t sleep. My fan, with it’s broken stand, is blowing cool air in my face, and I am resting my back on a pillow with my heating pad on it  I’m still buzzed from all the coffee I’ve been drinking all day today. So naturally, I figured I’d talk about a few things that have been going on with me the past few days, but also help reflect on something that is actually pretty serious when it comes to lyme disease. I know that many people think lyme disease is not serious or life threatening. “Oh, at least you don’t have cancer or are not dying”.
If one is treated effectively right away, for the most part it’s not life threatening. But for those who have had chronic lyme disease that has gone untreated for a long period of time, treatment is very hard and as the lyme spirochete multiplies in the blood, organs and tissues the body gets overwhelmed. (Which is often why we have inflammation in parts of our bodies where the lyme spirochetes are multiplying or hiding ect., bronchitis, laryngitis, colitis, sinusitis)
I hope you’re wearing your serious pants. Are you? Oh. You said you don’t wear pants? Fair enough.

One of the misconceptions about lyme that irritates me is that “it’s not serious or fatal”. This is clearly not the case.
If lyme disease goes untreated it can cause other neurological and/or degenerative diseases but also, it can and does take lives, commonly through heart failure or strokes. One thing I have noticed with a lot of sufferers with lyme disease is horrible lyme carditis. I have a lot of friends with lyme and we often vent about symptoms, the most disturbing (among a sea of other horrid symptoms) is, our heart issues. The past few nights I have been feeling so unwell. I have been dizzy, fatigued, and have had numbness on both sides of my face and down to my right hand. I’ve had these sensations before so I wasn’t sure if I should worry about them or not. I checked my pulse, and my arrhythmia was back. *Quick beat, quick beat, slow beat, slow beat, slow beat,  silence, slow, quick, quick quick*. I got my mom to check my pulse just to make sure I wasn’t going crazy because I was already super lethargic and she said, “Your heartbeat is irregular”. I decided to sleep it off (figuring it was a herx) and put a warm compress on the sides of my face to help ease the annoying numb sensation. So the next day I still felt pretty sickly, e-mailed my doctor, and saw my nurse. I told him I was feeling pretty sick, and I also was an emotional mess, so  he listened to my pulse, and right away was concerned and asked when the last time was that I had my heart checked. I told him over a year ago, and that they found nothing when they did the Holtor and EKG even though I was still having issues back then on and off. My nurse helped prod me to go see another doctor and get some tests done just in case there was more behind the heart arrythmia (although it’s probably just lyme being a pooper, I’m sure). But for me, it was so nice to have someone take my symptoms seriously when it seems the rest of the medical community wont. I cried. The gratitude from my heart poured out in tears that I tried to hold back. So with that said, I have friends who also have lyme disease that also experience major heart issues, and sometimes it get’s so bad that they are unsure if they will wake up the next morning.

So if you’re having issues with your heart, irregular heartbeats, blood pressure, paired with with dizziness, fatigue, numbness please go see your doctor. If you may suspect lyme please go to my resources page, there is a list of symptoms associated with lyme disease published by Dr. Burrascano, MD. Lyme is known as the great mimicker because it mimics over 300 different diseases- but if you feel like there is a cause for your symptoms and you weren’t just born with a degenerative disease do some research. The awesome thing is some of your symptoms might be able to be reversed if you catch it in time.
The below link also has some helpful information in the PDF document.


Love you all. Hugs and love.