The Plague

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The Plague
By Ang Johnson

Can I even be honest
About whats plaguing me…
Without an eye roll or some cacophonic speech?
Because no one seems to listen when I bring up my disease.
Each day is full of so many unknowns
I try so hard to take control of my symptoms.
I smile and nod, so don’t ever talk “depressiom”
or else when I do, they’ll all second guess it.
But it’s the fact that I can’t get help that makes me depressed, no cure
Yet I’m still hopeful that someday this pain will come to an end.
My bones ache, and sometimes I seize.
I get anxious as I think about the inflammation inside me.
But evenso, I can’t get anywhere because as a lyme patient
they won’t see me.
So tens of thousands of dollars I’ve spent just to fight
To try and get back the last five years of my life.
Back to where I had dreams and goals, no fear.
When I had good cognition and could trust my legs with the weight
they needed to bear,
When I had the coordination to dance.
Now the only dance I do is in circles- hitting a wall,
Looking for answers in the system and finding none at all.
I thought long term antibiotics could be prescribed for acne?
But for an actual bacterial infection… it’s not okay.
Instead it’s okay to let it grow until we die from this disease?
Or until we get misdiagnosed with other syndromes that you can’t
effectively treat.

I saw a specialist once, and he said to my face,
“Even if you do have lyme, there is nothing I can do for you”.
So with a quick response I said, “I guess I will just get sicker and die?”
Silence fell in the room.

So please continue.
Don’t talk about depression, instead lets just oppress it
because if we talk about how this illness tests our faith.
We’ll get labelled “psychosomatic”.
Don’t talk about the suicides, due to the system failing to help.
That’s not to mention what lyme disease in the brain
makes you want to do to yourself.
The rage, the hormones, the forgetful brain.
The twitches, the tremors, psychosis, anxiety,
fatigue, even being wheelchair bound for many who are lame.

Speaking of which I guess I should stop talking.
I’ll continue my fight, you’ll continue your mocking.
Dancing round in circles, something has to change.
The blood that has been shed from this disease- deserves
to have a name.

A known cause. A suppressed cure.

I know that a lot of you who follow my blog suffer from chronic illnesses so hopefully this will be a beneficial post for you!

How would you react if I told you that almost every disease shared a similar root cause that has been covered up for years? Including cancers, multiple sclerosis, parkinsons, als, fibromialgia, cfs/me, digestive diseases and other complex neurological and autonomic diseases. Intelligent design anyone? I feel like I’m about to discuss the big bang theory but…the cancer edition! Bang! Cancer happened! LOL…Okay, I digress.

Just Sayin.

Just Sayin.

The thing that I find concerning is the fact that a lot of diseases already have pharmaceutical medicines out there marketed for those with chronic illnesses. So imagine, one day you get diagnosed as having cancer. Instead of treating the root cause so you don’t get it again, you spend thousands of dollars on cancer related drugs (anti-nausea meds, pain meds etc) chemo, and the cancer comes back with a vengeance. What happened here? Why did the cancer come back? Your cancer came back because you were treating the symptoms, not the causative agent that gave you cancer in the first place. So, in my humble opinion, why should we take these big pharma meds, knowing they aren’t going to get at the root cause for several diseases but rather just put a bandaid on some symptoms.
This is going to be controversial *dodges stones*, because the problem goes to the notion that government and big pharma intentionally put profits over people. Yes, Big Pharma and the government are wanting to make money off of those who are sick. They make money off of you. Chronic illness brings in “chronic money” and constant research looking for a ‘cure’ for these chronic conditions bring in billions of dollars a year. So if there was a known cure, that dealt with the causative agents of many illnesses, big pharma would no longer be selling chronic medications to those with chronic illnesses. This means all of the chronic sufferers who once needed dozens of pills to manage their symptoms wouldn’t need them after getting proper treatment tackling the root cause of why they got sick in the first place.  Also if there was a cure, research foundations would not be able to make billions of dollars in research because…there would already be a cure, meaning there’s nothing else to research. I also think that the governments want to keep people sick because this world is getting too “overpopulated” apparently. Disease is the perfect ‘soft kill’ you don’t need guns, or concentration camps, only  biologial warfare, but that’s a whole other story. (If you’re inquisitive look up project paperclip)

There have been several scientific studies that point to microplasmas being the causative agents in causing cancer and other illnesses. By Microplasma, I mean bacteria that invades a persons body. There are over 200 different species of microplasma’s which means the effects on one’s body is endless. Anyone who suffers from LYME disease will understand this concept  very well. Because we know that the lyme bacteria can get into our organs, joints, brain, causing problems which can lead to neurological disorders if not treated properly.
There have been scientists who have linked Borrelia Burgdorfi (and other related borrelia), to be the cause of M.S, Parkinsons, ALS and other neuro-degeneritve diseases all which don’t have no “known” cause at the moment.
This notion makes sense because a lot of people who are currently sick used to be completely “healthy”. To know that something else is reaking havok on our bodies makes sense.  It also makes sense if certain illnesses are deemed hereditary because the bacteria can pass from the mother to the child during pregnancy.
So if a baby is born with bacteria invading it’s system with an undeveloped immune system and then paired with high doses of toxic metals from vaccines ….are we really wondering why mental illnesses like autism, cerebral palsy, and growth diseases are on the rise? Childhood cancers?So let me end with this: If we look at disease through a scientific lens we will see that every illness generally has a “bacterial or viral” cause. Just think about polio, scarlet fever, syphillis, aids, TB, pneumococcal  pneumonia, the common flu, measles and the mumps.
Shouldn’t we be finding ways to treat and cure people of different microplasma attacking their systems then? What say you? Thoughts?

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