I have a best friend. His name is pain.

“Sometimes another person has the capability of lending you spoons.” Said my wise friend Stephanie. And quite frankly, if I’m honest. I could really use some extra spoons right about now.

pain 3

I was back in the ER again. Not my favorite place to be, but I’m not complaining. I’m in Canada so we get free health care. (Which is why I’m really not complaining!) Praise the Lord for that. So I was having really bad back and abdominal pain for a while, (a few days) but it was mostly a dull ache. My best friend is pain remember? So I figured I could deal with it using pain killers, until the pain got worse and knocked me off my feet making it hard to stand or walk. I started feeling nauseated and roamed around the house for my Pepto Bismol that I just bought, because I used up the bottle mom had. I couldn’t find it, but figured I could cope with the nausea. The pain lasted a long time, not getting better, which is what sent me to the hospital. As I write this blog I am still having those pains and am on morphine for it. Woo. My best friend is always there for me, what can I say. (Ugh.) Anyways, I don’t want to rant too much in this post but the doctor thinks that I have more endometriosis growths and scar tissue which is what he suspected is causing me so much pain. Either that or kidney stones, but he refused to do a CT scan because of the radiation (seeing as I’ve had a CT on my brain not so long ago). And the radiation is a high risk for causing cancer…blah blah. So now, I probably will have to have another laproscopic surgery to remove more lesions if this is really what the pain is and discuss this with my specialist. Or also go to my family doc get an xray of some sort just to make sure I don’t have kidney stones again. Aye.
Does it feel great to be alive right now? No.

But I know that maybe, tomorrow might be better.

Anyways, wishing you all pain free days. (And if you do have pain free days often, please don’t take them for granted. I sure don’t.)
God Bless you and keep you.

He’s keeping me.