The XBOX Kinect is spying on you. You? Yes, you.

One of the hottest gaming systems by Microsoft is causing some folk to raise suspicions about this devices true purposes. Many bloggers mention uncanny resemblances to Orwells book 1984 and the movie, Manchurian Candidate. If this is true, we have every reason to be concerned …and we have every reason to stop paying for ‘big brother’ to come and dwell inside our homes. Do you really want them watching you?
Wait. That’s not legal right? They wouldn’t actually do that would they?

Unfortunately, it is. It’s even in the  Microsoft agreement for the XBOX Kinect. It’s just too bad most of us don’t take the time to read over these documents before we accept the terms and conditions to what we purchase. Thankfully though, someone from the Lazygamer decided to read this document through. Here’s what he found:

Alright, so buying the Kinect basically gives big brother permission to film you and send footage and data about you to whomever they choose. I always had a icky feeling when it came to the XBOX Kinect, and now I know why.
The Kinect, is also equipped with voice and facial recognition technology creating an ultimate gaming experience for…consumers. Consumers? Yeap, you huuurd me.
  You can now shop using the Kinect as it scans in your facial features and body measurements to create a virtual dressing room with clothes that are tailored to fit you so that you can see what you look like to figure out what you would like to buy. When you begin purchasing items through the Kinect, the data is used to help increase shopping by creating personalized advertisements that appear on the screen when you use it. You like pumps, he likes man purses. Each user will have ad’s placed on the screen to suit each individual  ‘like’. Ect., High heels for her, and man bags for him.
Check out this video:
Again, this may seem harmless, but where will this personal data be sent? I’d say, where no data has gone before…BAHAHA. Get it? Where no data……and I digress.
In all seriousness, this technology is paving the road towards a cashless society that we will have no control of.  Right now it may seem like something that is new and exciting but there is always another side to the story we are not being told. The value of money is decreasing all over the world, and eventually the chip will be among us sooner than we think, not just for medicinal purposes but for shopping as well. Could the Kinect be indoctrinating us to accept this as a future reality?
I suppose we really are, like XBOX says, “The Controller”…but then the question becomes, who controls the controller?