IV! Please continue to pray!


Hey home skillet biscuits, Things have been pretty crazy recently, but crazy in a good way for the most part this time.
One word: yay.
I’ve officially started IV treatment now after being on oral medications for over a year. So far things are going pretty decent. I’ve felt a lot worse in the past, so I’m not complaining at all!
I’ve had some herxing so far, but not so bad where I am prepared to ‘die’ and not wake up in the morning. I’ve basically just been spacing out a lot and have been having crazy issues with my eyes-they’ve been bloodshot and yellow for about a month now (so if I’m wearing glasses around you I’m hiding these nasty peepers from you. Yuck.) I also sprained my ankle a few weeks ago so I’m also trying to get that back to normal! But all in all, things could be worse so I’m trying to be content!

So for those of you who try to keep up to date with my journey on this blog, could you please keep me in prayer as it’s easy to get discouraged with the financial & mental stress of all of this.
My doctor is going to be filling out my govt disability paperwork so please pray that God guides him with the right things to say so that I can get approved as they can be oober picky!

And lastly for those of you fighting this crazy battle, please know that you are not alone! Please don’t give up, things will get better! Fight fight fight.

Also for those who have commented on posts with e-mail addresses or have e-mailed me, I’m going to make a separate e-mail account so I can reply to your messages! I get lots of e-mails/messages so things get lost and it’s hard for me to figure out where the messages are hiding! So if you haven’t received an e-mail from me this is why! I am going to try and get this sorted by next week! 🙂
Love you all,
But remember God loves you most!

2 thoughts on “IV! Please continue to pray!

  1. I don’t kno if you got this but here it goes.

    Lovely it is to be loved by the world, but the enemy is always whispering sweet nothings.

    Just read what ur going through your in my prayers.When you get a chance email me I have some links that would benefit you and others in this fight. Stay true in the Truth.
    Glory and Honor to our Father and Christ Jesus, Amen

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