Hey Peoples.

I am in a very emotional head space right now. Had a very bad day, and people said some things that hurt me, but I know they didn’t mean to. So this will not be a super crazy and detailed in this post like I usually tend to do. I’ll keep it simple.
I digress.

So, in 6 days, I’m starting IV treatment for my lyme and co-infections.
I’m going to have to be  driving out of my city to get these treatments done, which is about an hour and a half each way.
I’ll be starting pulses 2x a week. And moving to a higher dose once I am taught how to do my own IV treatments so I can do them
at home.

Also. I officially lost my position at my group home. Yay.
It’s times like these when I wish I would have cancer instead of lyme disease.

I’ve not been doing well the last few weeks. I’ve had major symptoms which makes me more stressed. The stress  in turn makes me more sick. It’s a vicious cycle. Also now that I’m starting IV I need to make sure that I have the funds to do so which is stressing me out.
I’m trying not to stress too much and let God provide…it’s just very hard to do.

Pray for me:
-Please pray for my emotional  well being.
I’m weary and tired and don’t want to fight any more.
-Please pray for finances for my medications and doctor visits
-Please pray for my disability papers to go smoothly as I’m applying for PWD. If I get approved this means I can
hopefully get more money to cover my expenses.  (Half of my cheque that I just got is gone from buying meds and seeing my doctor yesterday which is supposed to last me through the next month.)
-That God willing would open doors to being able to work in some capacity or earn some money.
-Another place to live

bad day


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