Lyme Disease meeting helps raise awareness in Abbotsford!

Please click on the above link to read this amazing article!!
I was so honored to help be a part of this event!!  I was also so freaking excited about the turn out! *Cue music* Ceeeeelebrate goood times c’mon! I’m just so proud of the things that were discussed at the event: Like the craziness surrounding the politics of lyme disease to the biological science behind lyme disease. I also met my hero, Dr. Ernie Murakami! Without him, I honestly don’t know where I’d be today. He’s taken 21 people out of permanent wheelchairs. He’s been a big part in raising awareness on lyme disease in British Columbia and still, though he no longer practices, is fully engaged in lectures and does his part to help educate others, he also is founder and president of The Murakami Centre for Lyme disease. What a selfless man! I honestly wish more doctors were like Him.


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