My story is in the Abby News!

I met with a lovely reporter a few weeks ago to share my story about lyme disease.
The day of:
I was freaking out and super nervous, because I was hoping my brain fog would not be a bother (and it did show up a bit, but not super bad), thank the Lord for that. But I remember that just before the reporter got to my place my coffee machine decided to explode and leak all over my kitchen counter-tops. Aye, but luckily, I didn’t end up embarrassing myself further during the interview. At least, I don’t think so anyways. LOL.
The news story outlines some of the struggles that come along with lyme disease from testing, to treatment, to the definition of the actual disease itself and of course things that I’ve gone through in my quest for a diagnosis.
abby newspaper

I am soo grateful that this is able to be talked about and publicized because really, my story is everyone’s story who has lyme disease. Which makes me very sad. We are all horribly sick and seeking answers, and we all end up fighting in order to get the help we need. I remember when I was diagnosed with lyme disease I just cried and cried for days and months because I knew that getting help would be a struggle.

Another reason I am so happy about this is because the more lyme disease gets talked about, the more hopeful I become that maybe one day we will all get the help and care that we need, instead of neglect and denial. *sigh*
So check out the link here and feel free to comment, because articles like this are soo important!!

The Great Imitator

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