An update!

I feel like a zombie right now so please pardon me if I blog like a zombie. My brain is slow right now (Forreals). Anyway, I’ve started a new med which has helped a great deal with the “Lyme rage” and suicidal impulses, it makes me very very sleepy though, so I just take it before bed which is no big deal. So that’s positive. I have been going through a flare the past week which was no fun. My muscles and joints have been aching and bugging me, (especially my shoulders, left elbow, knees, ankle), and on top of that- my dizziness, hot flushes, visual disturbances, numbness and jerks have come back. I’m not sure if I’m herxing or going through a flare as this is normally the time when things get worse for me (on my menses) but my elbow has been numb and the numbness spread down to my pinky and ring finger which has been a new  symptom. (Which can indicate herxing). I’ve had numbness before in my hands, fingers, face, feet you name it, but I’ve never had radiating numbness that started in my elbow and gradually (after a few days) moved down my arm and to my last two fingers.

I’m officially broke though because of my meds now. I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do, because I can’t work yet and I still don’t have disability. I purposely didn’t pay my phone bill so that I could use that mulah to pay for meds. I’m supposed to see my doctor in a few weeks but I can’t afford to pay for the visit! I’m stressed. I know God will take care of me but ugh. Stressful much.

So I had a couple friends over this weekend and we watched movies over here which was good, but I’m so stupid sometimes. Tonight I sat cross legged on the couch. I don’t know what happened but my right knee felt like it was moving in a way it was not supposed to, it felt like I pulled something. Smh. So now it’s swollen and I need to find my tensor bandage! I’m icing it and am hopeful that the swelling will be gone in the morning! 🙂
Keep fighting homies! Luh you!


2 thoughts on “An update!

    • I so hope it’s a herx too! I think it is though because I had a horrible herx/seizure last night which was no bueno. I haven’t had one in a long time, but yesterday I felt myself feeling worse and worse as the day progressed.

      I’m sorry to hear that your son has lyme and that your family is struggling financially. Aside from Lyme already being horrible, the financial weight of this thing is so stressful!
      I hope your son is doing well?!

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