Gift Ideas for someone with lyme disease!

Okay, so maybe you have a friend or family member who is sick and struggling with lyme and you want to do something nice for them to cheer them up. Maybe you would like to bring them a gift or make them something to let them know that you care about them. Here are 5 Gift ideas that would be wonderful for someone dealing with lyme disease, or other chronic illnesses!

1. Detoxing bath supplies!
You can make a DIY bath mix yourself and stick it in a cute jar or buy a pre packaged detox mix at the store. If a friend of yours is going through treatment, they will need to do lots of detoxing to get rid of the build up of toxins in their system. A detox bath is a great way to aid in that elimination process. And who doesn’t love relaxing in the tub? This would definitely be a thoughtful and useful gift. DETOX

2. Kombutcha Tea!
If your friend or family member likes Kombutcha tea, this would be a great gift idea. Kombutcha tea is good for you because it contains good bacteria that help protect the gut flora. It’s good for you, and it’s yummy. What’s not to like? This is definitely great if your friend is doing treatment as replenishing good bacteria is crucial when one is on antibiotics.
You can buy a few bottles and stick it in a basket (maybe with the above DIY detox mix) and wallah. Something helpful and thoughtful for your friend or loved one.
3. A heating pad or a heated blanket. Bring on the heat!
Again, this is something you can make yourself. You don’t have to go out and buy an electric heating pad. You can make a heating pad yourself using rice (or beans), essential oils and fabric. It’s super easy to make and you can also stick it in the freezer to be used as an ice pack as well. This is great for aches and pains associated with lyme (and many other illnesses!).
But if you do want to spoil your friend, an electric blanket might just be the ticket for those nights when your friend needs to get her body temp up!
4. Movies or a TV series.
Chances are your friend is stuck at home a lot and is bored trying not to go stir crazy. If you know what movies they like (or tv shows), buy them a movie! You can also make some popcorn and watch the movie with them. Sounds like a date to me. OoO lala.

5. Kindness. I know this sounds weird but let me explain.
Your chronically ill friend does feel depressed at times. Remind your friend about the things you love about them, you can write them a poem, letter, or just give them a hug and tell them. Never underestimate the power of a hug and kind affirming words.

Hopefully this was helpful for some of you!

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