Lyme Rage!

Oh my word. What a day. Hello lyme rage. Hello psychotic herxing.
I feel absolutely crazy right now. I’m not going to get into the specifics of what set me off and turned Dr.Hyde into Mr.Jekyl, but oh my word! Laaaaawd have mercy. I ended up kicking a hole into my bedroom wall, absolutely freaked out at my mom when she got home, wanted to smash all the windows in the house with a baseball bat…. and um the list goes on. I think I just need to rant about this, so rant I shall. I love the fact that I’m treating the Lyme, and killing off the bacteria but I absolutely hate how I am doing psychologically. I feel crazy like I can’t control my emotions at times Normally it takes a LOT to make me angry. And when I say a lot, it’s a rarity that I actually get physically angry and want to hit something Eek.
Anyways, here’s hoping that I don’t feel this way tomorrow. I kind of have a date and don’t want things to get ugly. Smh! Laaawd have mercy! What a brave soul this fella is. LOL. Ah well, praise The Lord for all this anyways.

Time for a Winston Churchill quote:

If you’re going through hell, keep going

Love and hugs,


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