Lyme and weight loss!

So at first when I got sick years ago I noticed I lost a lot of weight. My muscles seemed to be shrinking and I noticed I didn’t have the energy to do much, like prepare big meals. So I think the lack of eating may have contributed to that initially. But then out of nowhere I started gaining weight. It got to the point where I gained back all the weight I lost and then some. 30IBS to be exact. I tried eating healthy, but noticed I was always bloated and never could seem to loose the weight. It was just there, like this haunting that wouldn’t leave me alone. I couldn’t exercise and do cardio (and still can’t) so if I had ‘some’ energy I would try to do sit-ups or squats… but all to no avail. I’m in the 3rd week of treatment for Lyme disease and now all of a sudden I’ve lost 10 pounds. I do notice that since doing treatment my appetite is pretty well non existent. So I am never overrating and barely ever snack. I don’t even make coffee at home anymore. (That’s a big deal!) So All I have to say is praise The Lord! lol! I know it sounds vain, but man, I am so happy! I feel like I’m slowly starting to get my old self back. It may take a long time until I’m 100% but this is a start!
I remember one of my lyme doctors in the states told me that once I started treating the Lyme I would notice a change in my weight, apparently she was right! Yay!



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