New Bart rash!?

So it’s only been 6 days that I’ve been treatment for lyme using oral antibiotics. Things are going well. I think anyways.
The first day of antibiotics I had a herx: fever, emotional disturbances, jerking and tremoring episodes, and horrrrrid pain especially in my right knee. But since then I’ve just been feeling crummy and flulike. My energy is non-existent at the moment. But one thing I wanted to share is that yesterday, I noticed a new bartonella rash on my neck! I’ve heard from others that sometimes rashes appear when they start antibiotics. This illness is so weird! I’ll try to update more soon.
God bless homies. 🙂

Herxing occurs when dead or dying bacteria release large amounts of toxins into blood and tissues at an alarming rate. “This provokes a sudden and exaggerated inflammatory response” (“Herxheimer…”). Essentially, the body is attempting to eliminate the released toxins much faster than it is able to (“A Body…”)
You can read more about herxing on

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