Don’t forget to live.

Remember to enjoy life’s blessings when you can and however you can.
I still can’t do much, but I am trying to at least get out and enjoy the sun when I can. (Even though my body hates it). I know that I’ll be starting treatment soon which will most likely mean being bed bound and I know exactly how I will feel when that begins because I’ve been down that road and going stir crazy aint fun. You wish you could be out doing something…ANYTHING. So, right now, while I sorta can, I’m trying to do things I know I won’t be able to soon. So even if I can go to a park for an hour and have an ice cream with my sister I did something for the day. Or have a friend over and make dinner. Again …something is done. I know a lot of you out there go through this, especially with a chronic illness: we nag at ourselves for all the things we can’t do. And we get upset at all the things we can’t do, so instead let’s celebrate what we can do…. live! Enjoy the good moments and praise the Lord for them.

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