YES. Bestie date!

I know a bunch of you have been praying for me and so I appreciate it!
I’ve been doing really well the past few weeks for the most part and it has been FAN-DIPPY-TASTIC! But anyways, I’ve been making the most of this time and seeing friends that I have missed to pieces!!
I saw my bestie josh last week and we had a great time out! (As per usual). Our get togethers usually consist of car dancing and harmonizing to songs (he’s my singing partner) and checking out the best places to eat. We usually joke about the times when we used to work on tv shows and movies together. We actually met on set, the story is quite embarrassing LOL but we became friends instantly, and ended up dancing on camera together later that day. Anyways, I digress, Josh is a foodie so he always knows the best places to go. Which works out for my stomach very well. 😉
So we went to this neat little Mexican place and the food was so yummy! I think I died of joy.
And Josh bought me these for my birthday! 🙂 Yay!
(Cheesecake Torte cake and Chocolate covered chips lol!)
I’ve been seriously blessed! ❤
Wishing yall a happy Sunday!

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