Oh my.

May is Lyme awareness month!

I have a bad headache right now, so I’ll try to make this post relatively short.

Yesterday morning I felt great, I was thinking about maybe getting outside and enjoying some sun so I got dressed and was ready, waiting for my mom to get home so we could grab a starbucks.
Then the afternoon happened. I instantly felt like a mac truck hit me and my body ached and became stiff. My head felt like a bowlingball. I could not bend my neck forward or it would send shooting pains down my spine. My legs (the calf area particularly) were sore and I didn’t want to move. So I figured a warm bath would help. But as I was in the bath I felt myself becoming weaker. I also had problems breathing and I could hear myself wheezing. I had to crawl out of the bath. I wrapped a towel around my midsection and put some shorts on. I used a cane to walk into my room and collapsed onto my bed….still dripping wet. 10 minutes later passed and I was still laying there, I managed to get off my bed and throw a top on…I was sitting down on the floor at this point but I couldn’t get up. My legs refused to help me stand. It was like someone sucked the muscles out of my legs with a vaccuum. I called for my mom and asked her to help me onto my bed, she then proceeded to call my sister for help. Anyways, I finally got onto bed with their help and my body started seizing up all wierd. It looked like I was ‘herxing’. Pain continued to increase all over my body, and eventually reaked havok in my abdominal area.
I managed to fall asleep. Praise the Lord. Probably the best sleep I’ve had in forever.

It’s weird how things can change in a minute.
Today I still feel stiff and sore all over. I have only gotten up to go to the bathroom once so far, and my legs still feel weak, but at least their working to a degree.
I’m reminded of the verse that talks about how life is but a vapour, here today and gone tomorrow.

Don’t take your life for granted.
God has given you breath in your lungs, blood to pump through your heart be thankful for it.
I’ll rejoice with you in my frailty.

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