This blew me away.

Hope, Treatment and Success- A video

^^ Click on the link to watch the video.
Philemon 1:7 For I have great joy and encouragement from your love, because the hearts of the saints have been refreshed through you brother.

I was blown away by this video and moved to the point of tears.
I can relate with Christa and her story, as I’m from the same area (Canada waaaat?!?!) and I have gone through similar situations with doctors.
I’m trying to save money up to get U.S blood tests and treatment for lyme because out here the tests are inaccurate unfortunately. There are more specialized tests that the US have like the IGNx test which is more sensitive than the Eliza and the Western Blot that comes from our laboratories for some reason. It also picks up some co-infections that are present with lyme.
There are times when I’m in agony and when I get frustrated, but I am not angry with God. I know he’s sovereign, and I know that he’s in control of my life. I know that he’s taking care of me yet at the same time I realize that he gives and takes away. Each day I’m here is another day to praise Him for giving me breath. There are times when my mom will say to me, “I know, you’re probably frustrated with God”, and I always tell her, I’m not frustrated at God, yes I get frustrated when I’m in pain, but I never am angry at God.
There’s obviously a reason I’m still here, and if I’m honest sometimes I wonder why because I feel like I’m not a contributing member of society anymore. But during my times of blacking out and the times of my body seizing….God continues to give me life. So I’m here for a reason still… and it’s not my time to go yet. And for however long this pain lasts I know that God is still good, even in my suffering.

May is lyme awareness month and Lyme disease is the fastest growing epidemic in the world. Lyme disease can be found everywhere except Antarctica.

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