Bartonella, the missing puzzle piece!

First things first:
Praise the Lord!!!!

I finally have an answer for one of my weird symptoms that appeared about 2 months ago.
On my back, I got these weird marks that look like stretchmarks surrounded by faded lines that look like scratches. I have darker skin, so the lines aren’t red, but I figured my skin was just being weird and that the lines would go away. I didn’t think this was a ‘rash’ or anything crazy, so I didn’t tell anybody about it. My body always breaks out in hives and I figured my skin was probably just going through a phase. I was wrong. The lines haven’t gone away and it wasn’t until I looked up Bartonella on google that I came across identical “stretch-mark like rashes’ on other people. When I saw this, my heart dropped for a moment, and within the next minute I was racing into my mom’s room saying, “I know what I have!!!!!!”.
Bartonella is a co-infection (Basicially a separate disease) that is often caught from the bite of a tick and is usually paired with the lyme producing bacteria borelia burgdorfi. A co-infection is pretty much how it sounds, it’s another ‘infection’, or paired infection Ontop o one that a person already has.
Here are some pictures of Batronella rashes.
Like I said before, I originally paid no attention to this because I knew no better and didn’t realize this was a specific type of a tick borne rash.

I have both of these on my back. The weird stretch mark looking thing (the left picture), and I think I have 3 lines that look like stratches on my back near my neck (the right picture) and remember these marks appeared one day out of nowhere and have not gone away, it’s been a few months now. I’ll upload a picture soon! It might help some of you out there who have darker skin like me to see what it looks like. 🙂

The symptoms of Bartonella and Borrelia Burgdorferi overlap, so it can be hard to tell which bacteria is causing what problems.

Batronella Symptoms Include:
(Symptoms taken from
Fatigue often with agitation

Low grade fevers especially morning or later afternoon. Feelings of coming down with a flu or virus

Sweats often morning or late afternoon

Headaches especially frontal or top of head

Eye symptoms including blurry, dry or red eyes

Ringing in the ears

Sore throats (recurring)

Swollen glands

Anxiety or worry attacks

Poor sleep quality

Joint pain and stiffness

Muscle pains especially the calves -may be twitching and or cramping also

Foot pain involving the heels or soles

Nerve irritation symptoms which can be shooting, vibrating, burning, numb


Heart Palps or strange chest pains

Episodes of breathlessness

Strange rashes occuring on the body

Gastrointestinal symptoms, abdominal pain, acid reflux

Shin bone pain and tenderness

So with that said, listen to your body. Do your research. Be vigorous.
Now I have to find a doctor who will test

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