Remember that pain is a good thing sometimes.

I am tired of ‘itching ear’ doctrines that focus on nothing but self comfort and pleasure.
Did Jesus die on the cross and suffer the wrath of his father so that we could live to pursue health, wealth and prosperity? Or did Jesus die so that we could find out what true prosperity really is, the true treasure: Jesus Christ.
Prosperity teaching is ruining the unity of the body of Christ, especially during suffering and persecution , which we are guarenteed in this Christian walk. Because when someone among us suffers physically, mentally, financially, the ‘prosperity’ believers think….oh man, you must not be tithing enough, or praying enough, or having enough faith, or sinning like a mad woman, because you haven’t overcome those situations. Instead, realize that God purposed to allow those situations in a persons life to help them grow and depend on Him. Growth only comes once you’ve had to work through something. Do we think that God will let us stay the same with no continual growth? God will allow certain things to happen to us because it is for our GOOD in the end, and God’s glory. Suffering/hardships/persecution also helps separate the wheats from the tares, the sheep vs the goats because those who are in Christ will pursue or run with endurance until the “very end”.
Remember that Christ said that we must not only follow him, but in doing so, take up our crosses as well.
“Live for yourself and relax, get yo money man” said Jesus never.

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