Endo…the bloatmonster!

It’s Endometriosis Awareness Month!

So Endometriosis can cause a whole whack of symptoms which are annoying and painful.
One of the things I haven’t written about is the endo bloatmonster! Ahhh!
Because endometriosis lesions act like the lining of the endometrium, at that time of the month, your lesions, wherever they are, bleed just like the endometrium except the blood has nowhere to go. So this paired with pain can cause inflammation. This is when the bloat monster likes to pop by.
There are times when I get so bloated because of this that I look like I’m about to pop out a 5 month old baby. During this time, my abdominal area is pretty sensitive, so I try not to do too much but rest with my heating pad. And as you can tell from the following picture, I have burn marks on my stomach from this. I’ve been using heating pads since 14 maybe? I used to boil water and put it in my heating pad, because warm water did nothing to ease the pain when I would have my periods. (I know it’s horrible! Could have popped the darn thing!) Now, I have an electric heating pad and still have the marks on my tummy over the many many years of “heating pad” usage. I now understand why my  pain was so unbearable, because it was from disease I never heard about or knew I had (Until recent years). I had a laproscopic surgery where they used cautery ablasion to get rid of the lesions they found behind my uterus and it’s kind of hard to tell from the pictures, but one of the incisions was made through my belly button. I think they did a pretty good job at hiding that! High five for my gyno! I have taken a fancy to baggy sweaters lately, and I think part of the reason is that it helps hide my bloatmonster when it strikes and leggings have become my best friend because they don’t put pressure on your midsection like Jeans do (I even own a pair of maternity jeans…forreal. I WERK them). Sometimes the bloatmonster likes to show up when I’m not even on my period too though, which is bananas.
But anyways the two pictures on the left and bottom is when my tummy was bloated (I’ve had worse too) and on the top right is when my tummy is not bloated. lol. Bon Appetit!
It’s endometriosis awareness month, share this with someone!

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