The past month I have battling with the infamous “D” that seems to accompany every Christian at some point in their life. There is a time to laugh and a time to cry, a time to mourn and a time to dance. In the poem that I wrote entitled “Too Tired”, (on a previous post)I talk about the things I seem to face as a person dealing with a chronic illness. I have never felt so isolated and cut off from society and part of me chooses to be this way because the way people treat me. I know they don’t understand what it’s like to feel what I feel, but sometimes I just wish they would be compassionate instead of jumping to conclusions or telling me to stop “speaking illness” over myself. I’m a realist and I’m not a fan of new agey concepts that talk about the power of words and sending out positive energy into the world… Yea, there is the power of life and death in the tongue, but I believe that refers to how we treat one another. I believe in God’s sovereignty. That God is in control of my life and allows certain things to happen to me even if those things hurt me. It’s only through being chiseled, ow, that I can grow and let God remove parts of me that isn’t pleasing or glorifying to him. God is good, even in my suffering and I was reminded of that this morning during my reading about a Chinese woman imprisoned for her faith. She struggled with sickness, hunger, and other atrocities while being imprisoned in a labour camp because of her faith and unwillingness to recant. There were times when she was depressed, but then there were times when God would do something to comfort her during the craziness she faced. Without the hard times, she wouldn’t have appreciated all God had done for her in the midst of seemingly endless darkness. If my dear sister did not give up fighting in spite of the way people treated her, I need to extend grace to those who say hurtful things to me.


2 thoughts on “Encouragement

  1. It does get frustrating when people seem to think speaking the truth about illness is the same as speaking illness into your life. One time I lost it and told a well meaning person that I had been speaking millions of dollars into my life for years and I was still broke so I highly doubted speaking the truth about illness was speaking it into my life. Last week my pastor spoke of how we can change adverse life circumstances into opportunities to help others and glorify God. I’m still working out how my illness can be used as an opportunity for good- but I really like the idea of approaching hard times as an opportunity. I hope that you get some relief soon.

    • Can I give you an e-hug? LOL.
      “I have been speaking millions of dollars into my life for years and I was still broke” Hahahah!
      Preach it. Yeah, I’m learning that I have to be cautious with whom I’share’ my stuff with. Because I get a lot of weird responses, “I don’t have enough faith, I need to stop speaking illness into my life etc”. It’s rubbish really, but again, people don’t understand what we go through, so, not that it’s okay, they react in ways that um, aren’t compassionate at all. Smh. I hope you are getting relief too!!
      Thanks for your comment. I appreciate you!
      Ang =]

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