Don’t become downcast, O my soul. God is good.

I write this today, while I still have the tenacity to say, Praise the Lord.
This past week has been a very hard week for me. A few weeks ago, I got a UTI that spread to my kidney.
I was lucky enough to have this same infection spread to my lungs. I have been coughing up bloody stuffand even threw up a little bit of blood. (Soooo attractive right?!) As it stands, I can’t work at the moment, and have probably missed about a week of work so far. I live on my own in an apartment, and missing work is something that is financially scarey for me. I have bills to pay like most people, and praise the Lord I will get sick pay, but that won’t even cover my rent. I laughed the other day, because I knew this was going to happen. God always has a funny way of bringing us to him…and a funny way of making us trust that he will provide for us in our need. He provides for the sparrows and they don’t work or have a paycheck, but they are taken care of. So, that being said I know that God will provide for me someway somehow. God is good. If I didn’t know the grace and love of God, I’m sure I would have gone bananas by now. But every time I get frustrated, I try to remind myself of his goodness and everything he has done for me, because in the end that’s what really matters. There will be a day when I won’t be sick anymore, where I won’t have to toil and labor until it hurts, there will be a day when I can praise God the way he deserves to be praised.
I can’t wait for that day. So right now, during this I encourage you, as I encourage myself, to persevere and keep running the race because through these situations God is producing perseverance and character in us through our trials.
God loves you.

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