So it’s been almost a year and a half since I’ve worked out because I’ve been so sick. At my lowest, I was bedridden for 2 weeks unable to work, walk, eat, stand….you name it. I felt like I was dying but didn’t know what was going on. My health has been on a rollercoaster ride, with it’s many lows and I’ve noticed throughout the year that the little things I used to do, I can’t do anymore because they make me sick. Throughout the year, I would try to work out, (something I used to love doing) So I would start doing some cardio just to test the waters to see if it would send my body back into relapse or, if I could FINALLY do normal things again. What I noticed was that everytime I would feel dizzy without even being 5 minutes into the routine- obviously, I wouldn’t finish the routine. because being bedridden unable to walk for days really isn’t worth it for me.
Anyways, I just got my laproscopy done for my endometriosis, so I figured hey! I’ve felt physically ‘well’ for a little while and I haven’t tried any exercise in a loong time. So I figured, I can probably work out again! ( forgetting that CFS/ME is what really debilitates me, moreso than my endometriosis does. DUH).
So today, I tried doing a small workout. Nothing like I used to do, but I did a little bit of dance cardio….I noticed that during my time exercising my right arm became numb, and shortly my left foot joined in. Right now it is extremely hard to type, because my hand is still numb and my arm feels weak. And my brain feels a little foggy. But I figured I might as well type this blog up now while I still have the energy!
I haven’t been diagnosed with CFS/ME yet, because my doctor is checking to make sure I don’t have anything else, but all of the symptoms and books I have been reading about CFS/ME describe me and my symptoms to a T.
I think that dancing, which used to be a huge passion of mine, is something I won’t be able to do again. But, I realize that God, has other plans for me, and better things in store for my life. It’s not over if I can’t dance or workout. Christ is my joy, and I thank God that he has given me strength to deal with what has been going on. He is good, in every situation. In sickness and in health. LOL.
He loves us.

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