An unnecessary facebook post..

This post has been circulating around facebook like wildfire. I thought I would share this here with yall.
I don’t know who made this or even why, but I thought I would address this photo with some encouragement for my sisters and brothers with curly hair.

1. God made you with that beautiful crown of curls on your head. It is the very texture & coil, that makes it beautiful and unique.
2. Straight hair is not the only way to be “pretty” or have good hair.
3. Wear it proudly knowing that God has chosen US to receive this gift.
4. Remember, we are all made in the image of God, and are beautifully and wonderfully made. We are the workmanship of his hands.
5. Don’t compare yourself to others. Unless you are going to compare yourself to Christ, let’s reach for his standard. Not outward beauty but inward beauty.

-Much love,

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