Gluten Freedom!

Genesis 1:29 ESV
And God said, “Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the face of all the earth, and every tree with seed in its fruit. You shall have them for food.

Heyyyy-o! How yall dzoin friends? I’ve made a few personal posts about my health, so I figured I would do a follow up here to hopefully help some of you out who may be struggling with similar health issues. If I were to pinpoint a time when I noticed my health going downhill, I would say it was when I was about 16.  I noticed that I started getting sick around the time I came back from Hydrabad, India. While I was there, I got very sick because of a stomach virus that was passing through a local village I visited. God took good care of me, because the next day when I read the Hydrabad news 8 people died from this same virus I was still struggling with. A week went by and I finally regained my strength. I had a paramedic with me- which is the only reason I believe I made it back to Canada in one piece. (God sure had his hand on me!) Ever since then, I have been diagnosed with many random disorders and diseases which include Endometriosis, Gerd, Kidney Stones, IBS, and Bronchitis (just to name a few). I sometimes wonder if it all stemmed from that fateful day in India.
If you’ve read my recent posts, or have watched my youtube videos,  you will know that my health has been getting worse- and for no apparent reason. I feel like it’s my duty to help my body out in whatever way I can in order for it to become stronger. I aim to do this by changing the way I eat.

What I eat:
Normally I don’t drink regular cows milk every once in a blue moon I will, but I don’t make this a necessity. I do this for my own personal reasons, I try to stay away from added preservatives and hormones that can trigger a sensitive digestive system, and for me…cows milk dosen’t always help. I only drink coconut milk, rice milk or almond milk.
I do not drink soy milk, as most of the ”soy” products are GMO products, which means genetically engineered. There have been studies that conclude GMO’s do more harm then help to our bodies because there are additives and in the crops to make them resistant to certain weed killers, which means there is some other underlying chemical in the plant completing this process.
As of recent, I have started eating gluten free! This is not always possible or easy for me as I work in a group home where meals are prepared for staff and residents- and let’s face it…they are not normally gluten free.
I’ve only been eating gluten free for two weeks and I have noticed a change in my body already. One major change I have noticed is BLOATING. My abdomen protrudes sooo bad at times, that I look like I’m pregnant about to burst, but I noticed during my two week gluten free ‘trial’ my bloating was slim to none. I have never had this happen before. It made me very happy. I also noticed that my cramping associated with my endo and indigestion has been greatly reduced. Because of this I am going to continue eating gluten free, and someday hope to eliminate caffeine from my diet….which is the hardest for me! I love my coffee and tea!
I don’t eat tons of red meat. Again, for me this is personal, I see it the same as milk, I’m not a huge fan of preservatives and additives in the food I’m eating so I avoid a lot of stuff. I love fish, and chicken and will eat this, but only a few times a week. Occasionally I’ll eat a burger, but it doesn’t happen all the time.

Another thing that helps me eat healthy is…..gardening!! I love having my own herb plants, and vegetables (which are almost done sprouting). One of my favourite plants is my peppermint plant, it sits in a vase beside my sink and it never dies! I just pick leaves off of it, and new ones will sprout to take their place. I use this to make tea when I have an upset stomach. Peppermint is a great pain reliever. Just sayin’. I also put a few leaves in my water bottle and mix this with lemon. I also have a strawberry plant, string beans, spinach, and cucumbers that I’m waiting on- they’ve sprouted quite nicely! I’ve also done this to save myself some money. Can you say holla for a dolla? Buying vegetables and fruits at a grocery store can be pricey, but when you buy the seeds it’s ridiculously cheap. I can easily get 5-10 packs of seeds for a few bucks which will give me 10x the amount of vegetables I can have for $2.00 (rather than buying one item in a grocery store at the same price).

Hopefully this post is helpful for some of you out there. If I find any good gluten free recipes I’ll post them on this blog soon!
Have a wonderful week ahead of you!
-Ang ❤

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