March is endometriosis awareness month!!

Hey blog-friends. If you have been following my youtube account, you will know that I have been very sickly as of recent. If this is news to you…. Surprise! My health has been on a downward spiral for over a year now. I have good days, which are rare- but they do surprise me every now and again. I have been blessed with my new job and love what I do for work- and unfortunately for me, this disease loveeees to join me, on the job. *sigh*

When the endometrial lining of the uterus spreads and attaches itself to other areas and organs of the body, it becomes a lesion or ”growth” (this normally would have been shed during the menstrual cycle) but for us endometriosis sufferers it wont shed! For some reason and it attaches itself to the uterus, ovaries, bladder, colon, intestines, and can even venture up into the lungs. Endometriosus creates immense pain, cramping, bloating, and a bunch of other lovely symptoms which drive me bananas.
Endometriosis is a disease that affects many women and is very difficult to diagnose.  In North America over 5.5 women are diagnosed with endometriosis and I’m sure that more women are suffering without a diagnosis.
I have learned a lot about endometriosis and what eating habits I need to change,
I will probably go into further detail on this in another blog, but  us endometriosis sufferers are advised to stay away from:
-Red meats
-Wheat/ gluten
-Certain vegetable oils

I am going to try some new recipes cutting out the gluten/dairy etc and if I like them enough. I will post them up on this blog!
Ironically, before I was diagnosed with endometriosis I already assumed I had the disease because of my symptoms SO
I’ve been taking the following supplements for a while now to attempt to lessen the pain and help my body out:
-Astralgus Capsules 1-2 pills daily
-Probiotic culture 1-2
-Primrose oil 2-3 pills daily
-Cranberry pills only as needed (I have interstitial cystitis AND kidney stones, so I try to take these only If I feel a UTI coming on..)
-Iron pill 2-3 pills daily with meals

I also drink peppermint water. Peppermint is great as a pain reliever so I figured, why not drink it. 😉 You can make this as a tea or throw some peppermint leaves in a waterbottle with lemon.

For me personally the most trying times are when I can’t muster up the physical strength to do normal everyday tasks like eat, carry objects, walk, and instead I lived in my bed because I literally can’t do anything else. Ah  the fatigue! . I was diagnosed with endometriosis about three weeks ago. It’s a painful and misunderstood disease that I think is more serious then doctors think it is.. Ignorance of this disease is NOT bliss. For me, it is not just a gynecoligal disease, but a full body disease that is debilitating and affects everyday functions like painful urination and bowel movements, painful IC, headaches, nausea, aches and pains, fatigue, dizziness… And the list goes on. I don’t talk about this disease often so this is my way of venting…! Lol! I know that God is good and is walking with me through this- he won’t give me more than I can handle, even though it seems like it sometimes. So chin up my endo sisters, you’re not alone.

Suffering produces endurance. 🙂



2 thoughts on “March is endometriosis awareness month!!

  1. Wow!! I was diagnosed through exploritory laprascopy six months ago and since then I have read everything I can find on it. I am super excited to know that there are women out there raising awareness! I couldnt believe how doctors treated me, I am even flagged as a drug seeker because doctors are so ignorant about this and just how much we suffer!!

    • I totally hear you. I’ve had doctors “walk out on me” and I’ve been treated really bad several times. I’m just glad I didn’t give up on doctors even though I’ve wanted too! Aye.
      I’m sorry you were treated poorly, I know how frustrating it is when you just want to get help.
      I’m glad you got a diagnosis now though, so you some answers! 🙂

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