Oh, how God loves us.

God’s love is the most amazing thing in the entire world. And I say it’s so amazing because I will never be able to fully comprehend it, because I am human…and I can only extend grace so far to another person in my “fleshy” ability. You see, when I am wronged, I don’t feel like loving anymore, but it’s only the grace of God that compels me to turn the other cheek and to pray for my enemies…why? Because God loves me.

When we wrong God…he still pursues us.

Don’t you see how scandalous this is?
God loves me, and wanted me to be HIS while he was fully aware of my sinful condition, how I am prone to anger, jealousy, lust, pride, envy…even profaining his name. There will never be another who came into this world to love “humankind” with such a zeal that it cost him his very life….life that he freely laid down. And to make matters more interesting he died for the very people who sent Him to die, who cursed him…who hated him, and he even prayed for them on the cross because in his great compassion he knew that their eyes were blinded to the truth. So when he prayed, “father forgive them for they know not what they do..” he was asking for Gods mercy on them. How amazing is that? If they knew and accepted Jesus Christ (Yeshua) for who he said he was the son of God they would not have abused him to the great extent that they did.
Jesus ran to the cross for you and I, and yet most of us in this western world get angry at God for all the things we “think” He’s doing wrong. Can’t we just agree that God is sovereign in everything he does and we will never be able to fully understand …because we are NOT, nor will ever be…God.
Can’t we take time to just rejoice in the Lord always? And again I say rejoice!
God in his loving kindness and mercy now looks at us, those who trust in Him, as if we lived the life of Jesus Christ. Our sin was cast onto Jesus on the cross, and in return….we received his righteousness. And the good news is that the wrath of God was satisfied on that day…no longer do we have to face the wrath of God that we so rightfully deserve.
It amazes me how much God can love a fallen people like us, who are prone to wander, prone to sin, and prone of committing the most vile evils in the world.
He had his heart set on us from the beginning of time, what a wonderful and glorious God we serve!

Much Love Fam

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