as we forgive

I began reading a book last night called, “As We Forgive, Stories of Reconciliation from Rwanda”, and the little that I’ve read encouraged my heart like no other. Forgiveness and reconciliation are such beautiful things, and when you can see them happening….it feels as though you are looking at the orchestration of God, turning evil around for good. Making the most despairing situations into something beautiful. As Claire says best on page 18, “Strangely, mysteriously, the things of beauty and usefulness sometimes come from wounds.”

Here’s another excerpt that I really enjoyed, also on page 18 of As We Forgive:
Some perpetrators, whose hearts are truly changed, are eager to go beyond what is required of them. Hands that once swung machetes in violence now smooth mud bricks in peace as they voluntarily build homes for their victims. Survivors, once seething with rage, are moving toward forgiveness. While there are still deep wounds—many that may never heal—there are also clear and unmistakable signs of hope, bearing witness to the possibility of reconciliation.

To all who come across this blog, be encouraged. 🙂


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