A New World Order? Is it here?

I’m posting this while I still have the freedom to speak about this without getting killed for it.

Is this dramatic enough for you yet?
*cue star wars theme music*


I thought so.

I’m going to start this off with some wise words from my friend Michael Jackson :

“I just need you to know that this is very important what we are fighting for because I am tired- really really tired of all the manipulations. I am tired of how the press is manipulating everything …of this situation, they do not tell the truth… they lie.
They manipulate our history books, the history books are not true, its a lie, the history books are lying, you need to know that, you must know that.”

Well said Michael, well said. For those of you who don’t know, I’m a conspiracy theorist at heart.
BUT, when I investigate government issues and agendas I look at them from a biblical viewpoint and try to understand WHY certain laws are passed or taken away from it’s citizens. And because of all the research I’ve done over the years, it’s actually solidified my faith further in the bible, because everything the bible has predicted is slowly coming to pass. So, unless you understand the book of Revelation, Isaiah, the gospels…ect you might not understand the point of view I am coming from. But that’s okay, were all here to share and learn together so here goes.

1. Yes I believe there’s a NWO- and it is nothing new. It has been around through the ages. Hitler’s goal was to accomplish a “New World Order”. I believe that the real reason for the assimilation of so many Jews goes back to the principles of spiritual warfare and the spirit of the Antichrist. Think biblically for a moment: Satan wants to wipe out Gods chosen people, to make way for his satanic reign among the earth. Satan does this through people who are willing to listen to his instruction: those who are dedicated to serve him .(Creepy? I think so.) Hitler disguised his true intentions by making it seem like he was protecting people from rapists, fraudists, and murderers of Jesus Christ himself. He promised people change and initially used biblical principles to lure people into his regime, but when he came to power he went against the very essence of Christianity itself. I believe God stopped what was going on simply because it wasen’t time for the reign of a satanic regime among the world. There has also been speculation that Hitler was part of the Thule society which was a satanic cult who’s main goal was to eradicate the chosen people of God. There is a lot of skepticism about this because there is no firm “110%” proof of Hitler being in the Thule society…

But I would agree and say… OF COURSE THERE IS NO EVIDENCE. The point of secret societies is to remain IN SECRECY: Only those who are within the sect will know about the true goals and intentions of the society. What we DO know is: there has been proven documentation that such a thing as the “Thule society” does exist, and Hitlers infamous swastika, is actually an occultic symbol that was taken from the “Thule” society. Coincidence?

1 John 4:3

but every spirit that does not acknowledge Jesus is not from God. This is the spirit of the antichrist, which you have heard is coming and even now is already in the world. So since the spirit of the antichrist is already in the world- do we notice it? Furthermore, do we recognize it’s plans to destroy affiliations and “roots” in Christianity- a “Protestant Nation”? Even now, “Christian” universalism destroys the gospel and prepares the way for a one world religion, this is why I am not a fan of Rob Bell, Driscoll or other emergent preachers, we need to be very careful of their “unbiblical” heresies.

The history books tell us for example that us that the United States of America was built on Protestant Christianity. If you research all of the presidents throughout the ages you will see that many of them (almost all) were involved in Masonry, which, for those of you who don’t know has roots in satanism. Even U.S president, Barak Obama, was part of the Trilateral Comission, before entering office, which is another secret organization that has it’s affiliations with the NWO, masonry, and some say “The Illuminati”. Because their goal is also to create a New World Order.

Just in case you wanted to know which presidents were involved in masonry

here you go: http://www.pagrandlodge.org/mlam/presidents/index.html


If you don’t understand what masonry is, do your research. To those looking in from the outside, Mason’s seem pleasant. And, I argue that is exactly the point. You may hear of them donating to children’s hospitals, seniors homes…the list goes on, but only those who are in the “higher” levels of the Masons know what they are really dabbling in: The occult. And a lot of these masons helped build America. If we go back to history: The symbolism from the US flag, to the monetary system contains symbols that glorify the occult and satan himself.

I’m currently studying history in University and I have noticed patterns that have been repeating themselves throughout the years. Unfortunately some of the same things that led to disaster in the past are happening among us in North America. The problem is… noone knows about these things. Or if we do- we are silenced.

I’ve been researching the events that lead up to the holocaust in Europe and other atrocities in the US: these are some things I noted:

1. The rights of the citizens were taken away secretly or without the consent of the people. For example, I believe that the U.S is a police state as is Canada. Marshall Law is in full effect. And in retrospect, looking at history, certain amendments were changed in order to be able to eradicate rights of people eliminating the option for a citizen revolt.(Look up bills PDD-51, Revisions to the insurrection act, Bill C5 & 6…ect)


2. There is always a declared “State of Emergency” (Research this as well, you’ll be shocked) And proper arrangements are always made to accommodate this: detainment camps, expansion of military force with NO sign of real war etc…MARTIAL LAW. For example there is a “terrorist threat”, pearl harbour, 9/11, Serb wars which were all exaggerated to instill fear among the people and get them to go to war and side with government actions because they are the good guys right? The government is helping us? We “need” to fight and engage in war because….there’s terrorism right?

Even the media is preparing us for martial law, no?

3. Once SOE (State of Emergency) is established. The government and MILITARY takes total control “In this state of emergency” promising to help the “Country” or benefit the people, when in reality they say one thing and then will do another. European History has prime examples of “State of Emergency rulers”…does Hitler ring a bell?

Many who were rulers, presidents -took over the throne because there was a “state of emergency”.

In Canada, a state of emergency can be declared by all levels of government, from municipal to national.


4. Now those who are on to what the government is doing will revolt. They know that the promise of their leader is a load of “poo”, so to speak. But the government is already prepared for a revolt due to step 1, 2 and 3. Since the people no longer have rights, the government does whatever they want. They get rid of anyone who poses a threat to the government and their new plans. Rebels, are killed, silenced, thrown into prison, taken to court etc.

Sidenote: Even speaking against the United States government in the 1900’s ended up with people in jail and $200, 000 fines. I’ll have to look at my class notes to remember the name of it. I want to see if it is still in effect today.

So lets fast forward to the present times:

Step one has already happened and part of step 2.

You might be thinking… “SO… what? Are you talking about the end of the world or something? EVERY religion predicts the end of the world, I don’t care”. Well, if you’re a Christian you should care and if you’re not a Christian you still should care because this will affect you whether you want it to or not. Other myths and religions claim to predict the end of the world, but they only touch on the same things everyone else does: Natural disasters- woo apocalypse? Natural disasters? The bible discusses “government”, the monetary system, false prophets & a falling away from the faith, and what will happen to Christians when this happens. The bible even is specific to “HOW” many of us in the faith will die and AGAIN… it’s very specific and detailed.

The scary part is: things are prepared so that this can happen- and the bible has predicted it.

PRAY PRAY PRAY. This is not meant to be a scary post, or to freak you out, but it’s to prepare us for what is to come and for us Christians to make a decision to be strong in the faith and to keep running this race with fervor and diligence no matter what the opposition may be.

If I am a Christian, what does this mean to me?

Christians are going to be the first to speak out against the NWO (New World Order), because it’s goal is to create a satanic and “religious-free” society by merging all religions into one? A world religion? Obviously – this conflicts with Christianity… as we believe that only Jesus Christ is the way and the truth and the life, and that no man may come to “God”, the father except through Him.

But the government is already aware that Christians are going to revolt. This is why they have gone through the trouble to take away our rights in secret while expanding their militant repertoire for “detainment officers” for concentration camps. They have also used martial law to take away guns from citizens in New Orleans, and the list goes on and on and on. Research it.

It’s only a matter of time.

I’ve already sent an e-mail to those of you whom I care about. It is my hope and prayer that we can all start standing up for Jesus because the day is coming when we will have to choose what side we are on and frankly it’s getting closer and closer …….

Check this blog out if you dare *dun dun dunnnn* and these other videos.

http://americanholocaustcoming.blogspot.com/2009/08/what-this-blog-is-all-about.html -New World Order

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LhhjuAsO_3M -A RFID COMMERCIAL! From IBM.I love y’all!


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