My Testimony.. God is good.

Here’s my Testimony, it’s a long read! But I hope God uses it to bless you, encourage you, or bring him to the knowledge of his saving grace.
My Testimony – Angela :)Click here

Or you can watch the short version of it on youtube here:

4 thoughts on “My Testimony.. God is good.

  1. Wow!!
    Our God is a truly awesome God. I pray that more people get to read this and see how great our God is. God bless you sister.

    Even if the whole world fails you HE will never fail you. This has blessed my day. Thank you!

    God is great! 🙂

  2. Thanks Aaron!!

    You rock, I am so blessed by your friendship!
    If you ever think this testimony would minister to anyone, you can pass this along, I don’t mind.

    God is most definately GOOD!

    God Bless you bro!

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