Dread-ful Journey! Happy one week dreads!

Yes, it’s a play on words.
This dreadlocking is quite dreadful (har har), mostly because it takes an enormous amount of patience! I have had my dreads in for a week and a day now, but I feel like mine will never lock up properly because my hair is so damaged! Although, I just started so this journey, so I’m overreacting just a wee bit. I just need patience. (And maybe to cut off my “relaxed” ends!)

Here are some pictures to keep ya’ll up to date.
This is how my dreads looked when I first finished my dreads. It took me 2 hours I believe. I had my step dad help me separate my hair into sections and then I put a movie on, An American in Paris, and began dreading my hair away.

For your curiosity: I dreaded my hair using the comb twist method…minus the comb. I just wrapped the strands around my finger tightly until the hair began to coil at the root. I used DAX pomade, which at the time seemed great, but I wouldn’t recommend it. It has petroleum in it which will break dreads apart rather then keep them together, which is the ultimate goal after all. I’ve been learning this the hard way.
One tip I can give ya if you’re starting a dreadlock journey, or if you are already in the middle of this process is:  SALT WATER RINSES!  Just dilute some salt in water and pour it over your scalp and dreads. It will help your locks tighten because salt strips your scalp of it’s oils. Woo!

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