My new read!

I LOVE Joshua Harris as an author. I think I stumbled upon his book “I kissed dating goodbye” at the lovely age of 19. It drastically challenged my views on dating and compared it to a new standard: God’s plan for relationships based on scripture. This book helped me change my life for the better in many areas and I’m glad I was able to read it when I did. I encourage everyone to read it, it will help you in your walk! (And your relationships!)
I’m also pretty excited because I got his other book “Stop Dating the Church” a few years ago from my mama! I love my mama…. ! Anyways, I haven’t been able to read it because I’ve been so busy with school and work. I haven’t started up school yet, so my goal is to finish the book before tuesday! (When I start school up again!) I love being able to read for pleasure. I’m so used to having my nose stuck in a book for school purposes, but it’s nice to read for the simple enjoyment of it again. *sigh* I’ve already started reading it and I came across a tidbit that I liked very much. I thought you might like to take a glimpse into what I’m reading.

“God invented romance and pursuit and the promise of undying love between a man and a woman so that throughout our lives we could catch a faint glimmer of the intense love Christ has for His Church.” (Pp.30, Stop Dating The Church)

TADA!  Also on a personal level, I’m at a place in my Christian walk where I feel like I need to prioritize my life again, and make sure I stay on the humble train. I want to focus on growing into the woman God calls me to become (By His grace!) I want this year: 2010, to be a yeah that is filled with repentance, humility, and love. Love through actions, speech, and …..LOVE…wait, I said that. Ah well.
H’ok! I’m starting to rant and I’m getting sleepy. It’s 1:43 am…EEK.
Goodnight everyone!

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