I AM GOING TO DEADLOCK MY HUUUUR! Yes, hurrr means hair.
I am going to deadlock my mother of a mess that sits on top of my head into tidy little dreadlocks. I have been wanting to do this for years, and have never had the right opportunity to do so. I was dabbling in and out of acting and decided to keep my hair “curly” with the hopes of booking more gigs….obviously that failed.
For those of you who are mixed like I am: Part African, part European,
(Black + White= woo?) You will understand the joy’s…..and heartaches of mixed hair. I have almost tried it all! I’ve relaxed my hair several times, and recently suffered from hair loss and breakage. I straighten my hair with a flat iron so that I do not have to deal with my curls. I love curly hair, it’s just annoying to take care of….because mixed hair has a mind of it’s own.
As a youngin, I actually had a massive “Afro”….. as you can see from my picture…AHH. Now a days, my hair looks like this most of the time.

I very rarely keep it curly,  but if I do, it’s in a ponytail or something so it won’t go crrazy on me…
I’ve decided to dreadlock my hair as a way to wear it naturally! I also think dreads reflect my inward hippy. I am against  materialism and I am a social outcast: I have views that most people do not- because I am a Christian.
I will not resort to a weave. I feel it takes away from the pride of being ‘different’ by not encouraging others to delight in our I am mixed, but appear more black then white. It’s sad because curly hair or dreads aren’t seen as beautiful in a lot of peoples eyes. If a black girl has “Caucasian” hair then they are seen as beautiful?! Whats wrong with this picture. All races are beautiful BECAUSE of their differences. I think curly hair and dreads are beautiful and I will not buy spend my life savings on weaves! If I need to straighten my hair, or put it in a ponytail at least I know it’s my own hair.
Out of curiosity, has anyone experienced this:
I have lived with curly hair and straight hair and notice the compliments and looks I get ONLY when my hair is straight. Does anybody else relate?

Leave comments if you like. I will update you with pictures soon! I dread my hair Monday, January the 11th!

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