Thank you Jesus!

I am sitting here dumbfounded by everything that has taken place today. All I have to say is…. Kudos to the big guy upstairs. Glory to God, Amen. I have been in such a weird phase in my life with many different things taking place, some things giving me unneccessary anxiety while other circumstances just ADDED to the anxiety. Relationships, friendships, school stress… you name it. I have been such a worry wart about these things, and have realized that I needed to take a step back from them because they have caused me so much stress. Especially with people. I love people and sometimes wish I could take the pain away that they face. When you care about someone- it hurts when you see them hurt and it pains the most when you can see them destroy their own being. I decided that I had to remove myself from a few situations so that God could deal with the issues at hand. Ultimately God wants us to run to him when we are hurting because he wants to care for us. Today I was praying for a few things while I was driving. This morning, I was praying for a situation dealing with my oh so fragile heart. I try to avoid relationships because I’m picky and I don’t really trust people. But I’m having like a war with my heart versus my logic. I was asking God if a specific “situation” was something I should be perusing or leaving as is. I said to God… kind of jokingly, a sign would be cool, like the power going off at work or something as way of you saying “Keep this”. So basically in my head I said to God… if this is part of you plan… can you shut the power off at work today. Yeah I know, whats wrong with me right?! I’m crazy…deal. Near the end of this thought I decided I was going to walk away from the situation and not do anything if God didn’t want me to. I even said, “It’s in Your hands now, I’m not dealing with this unless you tell me to”. I got off work today a few hours early… due to the fact that the POWER WENT OFFF AT WORK shutting the ENTIRE mall down. FREAKY MUCH? It just happened to be the first thing that popped in my mind to ask as a “sign” so to speak, I really don’t know why I asked that. When the lights turned off I was like…. “Really…?” *insert jawdrop here* 40 minutes passed and the ’emergency lights’ in the mall died so I was in total darkness with my coworkers LOVING every moment of it. We also got free coffee from the shop beside us… *sigh* Numero Uno answer to prayer. Today was weird, as I was driving around I kept seeing people who looked IDENTICAL to a friend of mine. I must have seen around seven people, whom I thought, was this friend… only to realize it was just a freak look alike with identical clothing…. I starting freaking out every time I saw a look alike and thought what am I going to do… because I haven’t seen this person in about a month. I immediately felt the need to pray. I don’t know why… but I did. So I did….. in my car on the way to work. I said something a long the lines of “God, You’re obviously reminding me about this person for a reason. I again said, God this is in your hands, if you really want this person in my life, open up the doors so I can help. If not, keep it closed.” I said a lot more but, thats personal 😛 haha. Sheesh… so nosey YOU ARE. I kid…ahaha….ANYWAYS: I came home early from work- due to the irony of the situation to find out that the person I was praying for and thought I saw everywhere had called my house. For some reason even after a month of not talking- he decided to phone me today: The day I prayed for the door to either remain closed or open. In that second, the door was pushed open. He talked with my mom (She is such a lovely woman and has a great way with my frends for some reason) and encouraged him to call back later. He did, and we finally talked later on in the evening. I fa-reeked out and said thank you to Jesus. I am so happy about the things God is doing right now. It’s incredible and God definitely dosen’t get the credit He deserves. But all I want to say is… God loves you and cares for you, if you are hurting in your life ask God to help you out. He may not answer it in your time or your way, but He will answer it in his time because he knows whats best for you. He’s that good. I share this because God has saved me… he picked me out of the muck I was in and gave me a purpose in life. He changed my life, something so drastic, that I believe it needs to be shared. If you find an amazing doctor or friend, you recommend them to a friend, or a great shoe sale… you let your friends know. I found love and I’m letting you know. Some may call this coincidence, but I call this… God. 1 Peter 5:7 Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. Philippians 4:6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.


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