Thank you for music and cool breeezes.

music in the park 023

I have been thankful for a lot today.
I went to church for the first time in a few months. I’ve been staying away from it for several personal reasons. Today, on the other hand, ended up being a great day at church. The music started up at and I looked over at the worship team. There was a pretty big choir, a percussionist, an electric guitar player, an acoustic guitar player… and the list goes on. I was filled with joy to know that people were using their gifts to glorify God. When I heard the music I immately realized how much I had taken music for granted, let a lone sound, heck – even my hearing. The music was soo beautiful. Everyone was so skillful in their craft that when it melted together it filled me with a great joy- I wanted to dance, but the eager beaver in me decided to stay in my own spot, limited to movement. In my head and heart I said thank you God for music.
Thank you that I have ears to hear music! Thank you for loving me… and the list went on.
I brought one of my friends to church that day, whom willingly decided to come, which I thought was pretty cool. After church, we hung out for a bit and ended up sitting down in a parking lot by my old work (how we met…ironic?)
It was really hot out- and I was about to complain but then I realized: man, we’re lucky we at least get cool breezes when it’s so hot out”. A few minutes later the nicest breeze came and blew my hair across my face…. I smiled, and I giggled because of the prior thought that went on in my mind. It’s like Jesus is sending me little presents and I’m actually paying attention to them. The father gives the best gifts ever!
I don’t know whats going on, but I’ve been noticing the ‘little’ things in life and notice how they make me happy. I’ve been focusing on the negative things so much that I’ve been missing out on all the wonderful things life and God has for me. My one friend Kevin has the most amazing smile which makes me light up when he’s genuinely happy, and you can sure tell when he’s sincere, or the way my friend Maya says “BYE!” so energetically on the phone whenever we bid adu. Almost everyday I have been noticing things that I have taken for granted and am remembering to say “Thanks”, to the big guy upstairs when He reveals these things to me.

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