Thanks Jesus for colours.

Today was a beautiful day. Birds flying around, the sun out, bright green grass…
I went to the park and had some worship time with God. A few people walked by and listened but I didn’t care. I sat on a tree stump and sang away thanking him for such a wonderful world- a wonderful park and a wonderful bunch of friends that God has placed in my life.
Later on I hung out with a friend. We both sat on the grass at my uni- as i looked up to the fading blue sky I felt like God just said “Angela, Everything is going to be alright”. With that I smiled and watched the birds flying around carefree.
My friend asked me what was on my mind and I said, “I love life, the birds are carefree and that’s how I want to be…they don’t have to worry about life, they just be. But I know I can do that too because I know I have someone looking out for me. The same way he looks out for those birds.”
It was awkward because he thought I was referring to him for a moment, but as I gestured my hand to the sky and said “thanks”. He knew full well what I meant. God is good- just look around at his goodness.
It’s so easy to focus on the bad in life, but it we only took the time to look around us- we would surely see his goodness.

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