Oh life.
Life, you are wonderful even though you confuse the poop out of me at times. A lot has been going on in my life and I am working on a few things.
Number one,
I am working on rekindling my relationship with Jesus. I have been in a desert for a while and need to do some fixing. I’m staring to fall in love with the simple things about life and God’s creation again.
If you read my previous blog I have been so captivated by the colours I have been seeing around me in the trees, the grass, and the sky.
I wonder what I will fall in love with tomorrow?
Number two,
I am working on my I am woman hear me roar type attitude.
I’ve had 2 relationships in the summer- both ending in breakups
and I’m realizing that I might be happier as a single gal. I need to focus on the real husband, Jesus, and prepare myself for this daunting year of school and work.
I have a new guy friend who I have been hanging out with- I am hoping that my “I am woman- roar attitude” keeps me away from the romance department.
Numero 3,
School. I am in my third year of university- woo!
I’m still debating what to major in, if any, and what to do next year for schooling. I can get my theatre diploma next semester but I’m not sure if I’d want to turn that into a BA? So in the meantime I’m taking a breather from acting and am focusing on my electives.
This year I’m taking sociology and film and I’m actually really excited about them Both.
Anyways there’s a proper update.
Here is my life now. Bon Appetit.

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