The best weekend ever!

So I got to see 3 of my friends perform this weekend at different venues and let me say… I la- la -laooove having friends in bands because I get to make it out to hear all sorts of musical talent and awesomeness.
Prepare yourself for this blog! I’m even going to add pictures. Maybe even a video – if I feel like it.

Stop One: EA!
So for my first show, I went to an acoustic night at EA, and it was simply awesome. I heard some other great bands, one of whom has no band name yet, but they were a guy-girl duo and they had wickid harmonies! I also must mention that the girl was a freak on acoustic guitar. One of the guys sitting beside me kept saying “whoa” and laughed as she pwned at it!

The no name band!

The no name band!

Hung out with my friends Dylan, Josh, Evan, Teala, Ryan, and Kalmia! While I was there as we waited for our Bud Layton to perform from Rags To Radio. Only half of Rags were there so they did some acoustic covers and even did a MJ tribute. It was wonderful everyone was singing and clapping a long.

Rags to Radio. (Half of em!)
Rags to Radio. (Half of em!)

Stop 2!
The Abbotsford Berry Festival.
So I got up early in the morning to watch my friend Jason perform in his  Band, “Cinnimon Toast Funk”. As usual they were epic!
There were some elderly folk who decided to start some line dancing- other people started to join. (Yes, to funk music!),
On a musical note, the instrumentals and all the harmonies were great.
Just giving them kudos. They are waaay better live.
After I saw them perform my other friend Sylvain was performing! He invited me to another show he was doing ages ago and I couldn’t make it so I was very happy to find out he was perfoming at this festival!
Anyways, he was fantastic!!! His voice is pretty much amazing and he’s really good on his acoustic guitar.
I’m going to admit I had a huge crush on him even though he’s a wee bit older than me. But I guess thats what happens when a guy tells you you’re beautiful. It sticks with ya. 😛

All in all I was satisfied with the lovely assortment of music.
So lovely.
Anyways. I change my mind. I’m not going to add any videos.
If you have me on facebook I’ll add them there. 🙂


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