Bride Wars

Bride Wars

Bride Wars

After much hesitation I saw “Bride Wars” last week. It was very comical, and the actors, Kate and Anne, did a wonderful job portraying their different personalities within their ‘best bud’ relationship.
I’ll admit I liked it… to a degree.
But the reasons that I didn’t like it are no blame on the directors or movie in itself.  It brought back personal stuff for me.
If you watch the movie, you will see how close the two girls friends. They know each other better than each person knows themself.
Once upon a time, I had a frienship like that. I believe we’ve were friends for about 9 years. And last year we stopped our friendship due to…some obstacles.
This brought back painful memories for me. My best friend wanting me to be her maid of honor…but then telling me last minute that her sister in law would be her maid of honor. It’s almost as if the friendship were a joke.
I still miss her from time to time, and the movie definately summed up how I felt.
    In a few scenes the girls go through hardships and usually they would have each other to go to, but since they had a ‘disagreement’ they weren’t talking to each other. So they lay in their beds crying with noone to talk to.
    With all the bunk I go through from time to time I wish I had my best friend back so she would understand- be there. I know it’s selfish, but I miss it. And I miss cheering up the other person.
    The sad bit is I don’t trust people anymore because of all the wierd stuff thats happened to me in the past few years and don’t think I can ever let anyone back into that spot.
That movie made me cry….and when I came home… I wanted to cry some more.
But hey, it was cute, and funny….

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