Ok. This is the last one.

I’ve been cleaning my computer up because it is oooober slow at the moment and is freezing quite frequently.  I’ve been rummaging through files deleting schoolwork and writings on ‘wordpad’. During this, cleaning process, I’ve come across many of my writings, ramblings, and songs. So the past few posts that say “found” are some of the old stuff I came across while de-clutteizing my computer. (Is de-clutterizing even a word?..It should be.)
Here is one more..

You heart must break soo many times?
Seeing your children broken and hurting.
You see each tear, each wound, each shattered dream.
You hold out your loving arms…
 time and time again.

O! How your heart bleeds!
From your own creation that rejects you.
You wisper I love you. They don’t hear the words
you say. They turn their backs to you for the sake
of glamourous things

Yet, How you must rejoice!
In the love we show to you and others.
When we turn away temptation, obey your commands.
Live like your son did.
Run to you in our circumstances.

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