Found this old rant.

Wow Im selfish.

Matthew 16:24
Then Jesus said to his disciples, “If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.

I was thinking about it. It’s wierd, am I actually denying myself?
Am I putting Gods needs and other peoples’ needs first and foremost before myself? Do I ask God what he wants me to do before I do something?
I have alot of work to do. Im so selfish , gah!
 If I want to honestly follow God, I need to surrender and allign my will to his will.
That way my needs go out the window.
This world has such selfish theology. Everything around us is ment to make our lives better, when really they’re distracting us
from reaching the full potential that God wants us to reach. Sure we may need some things to survive, but when did a hummer become part of surviving?
We focus our mind will and emotions on getting that one thing that will make life a bit easier for us. Or perhaps better. And in the meantime
our mind will and emotions are driven away from God. A couple months ago I had a T.V in my basement suite. Since it was there, I ended up watching
Tv a whole lot more. I started to neglect other things like bible reading and prayer.
It became a huge time distraction. So, I decided to put it upstairs in the kitchen (my mom likes to watch dr.phil.) And now I just want to spend my
time growing in God. Aha!

But isn’t that what God wants us to do in the first place? I mean
watching T.V, and feeding our flesh is temporal but what could we be doing instead of that? Spend time with God.
Heck, He gave his life for me, all I can do is return the favor.

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