Recap. Will’s Monologue.

In one of my older blogs I wrote about how I saw one of my favourite monologues on tv. When I first saw it I was left speechless. I said I would find the video and post it. So, I found it and here is the post!
For a while growing up I saw this as ‘my’ monologue…You will see why once you watch it.

It’s from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air- The Episode where Will’s father comes back into his life….only to leave again.

Quick background info:
Will is reunited with his father after years separation. They finally start building a relationship and Will gets really excited about his father being in his life again. His father promises his son, Will that they can spend the summer together while he goes to work. Will is getting ready, packing, to leave with his father. His uncle on the other-hand is skeptical of the situation and thinks Wills father wants nothing to do with being an actual “father”.
I think this monologue is amazing. Will truly is a great actor.

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