I a few days ago I lost my devotional book and I waas pretty bummed about it.
I’ve been going through that, and 2nd Kings – I belive im in chapter 18 now. (I’ll have to double check!)
But man 2nd Kings has been pretty intense and gory, pregnant women getting ripped apart, everyone getting slottered… yikes. But I’ve been learning that God is true to his word, when he said that a new ruler would come to power and do things that pleased God it might not have happened right away. As there were many many kings who did things that displeased God and did evil. But eventually down the line someone that God said would come into power did and things would happen.

But anyways. I found my book.  I had a funny feeling to look under my bed… and low and behold. There it was. Pushed to the farthest possible corner. But it’s good so now I can continue reading it.
I feel really close to Jesus today.
I was praying last night about some things and I asked to have my fear of ‘what people think of me’ to be removed. There was a time when I used to be so passionate for God (and He was literally all I had) that I didn’t care what people thought about me. When I was frustrated… I’d vent to God. It was like a bitter sweet situation because that week my ‘earthly’ life sucked, but I knew that God loved me and was equipping me for something big so I was happy about that. So because of that God did some cool things through me and I really knew He was there. I wan’t that back.  We as humans (me too) spend so much time investing in finances, stocks, and whatever tickles our fancy, which is cool but I think we need to start investing in the Kingdom of God. I mean everything materialistic will fade, and the bible tells us that. I think we’re too comfortable with how things ‘are’.
We need to be able to step outside of our comfort zone, Jesus’s life was like that. He spoke to people that
were the ‘unlovables’ the prostitutes, the sinners… (and yes we’re all sinners). Why don’t we do that?!
Im not saying you need to have some party and invite people over. But why do we carry this stigma that we are better than ‘those people’. I mean we don’t even refer to them as people, we say, druggies, prostitutes…. etc.
We need to get over our own ego’s and realize that the kingdom of God wants EVERYONE  to be apart of it if they choose. We can’t just speak to our own church about God… that is doing nothing for those who don’t come to church. And like I’ve said to many of you before. We are the only representative of Christ that many unbelievers will see. If they don’t like what they see then why would they bother following the God we serve?
We need to take up our cross and follow him. Not live comfortably and go to church every once in a while.
We need to make our life a sacrifice to God Holy and pleasing, and a part of that happens when we give up our own will and ambitions and pursue Gods instead.

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