‘Drama Geek’ to the core…

As you all know. I am in love with acting and when a performance really gets to me….I get shivers.  (Im an acting student, thats what happens!)
That happened to me today.
Today I was babysitting and me and Maddison were eating some watermelon watching tv and
The Fresh Prince happened to be on so we watched that. Usually I die laughing in that show but
man, the one that was on was sooo emotional. Me and Maddy were both silent as it ended.
Will had to deal with his father coming back in the picture after 14 years of absence only to find out he was leaving again…
He gave this great monologue about how, “I don’t need him, I graduated without him, I learned how to drive without him, I learned how to play ball without him, I learned how to shave without him… I am going to get married without him, get an awesome job without him and aint going to learn how to love my kids from him” But after all his ranting he said, “how come he dosen’t want me anymore?” And he broke down crying. That was amazing to say the least. You could see it in his eyes how hurt he was… GAH. It was standing ovation worthy. 🙂
Im going to hunt the scene down on youtube or something and paste it here.
But man. I realized that he is so talented beyond his measure.


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