Renewed Passion

Many of you who know me know that I have always had a passion for working with youth.
I’ve been doing youthleading for a while now and I really enjoy getting to know the kids. (Or young adults)
They are crazy. In the best ways.
One girl actually opened up to me a bit about her life which I had no clue about and lucky for me, I’ve been in the same boat she was in so we talked and after we finished… my heart broke for her.
I’ve been having a bad habit lately… where I don’t know what to say, so im silent (which i guess isn’t the worst) but my heart just wishes I could do something because I can feel their pain.
Anyways this made me realize how much I wan’t to help encouage the youth to never give up.
I think part of the reason is that I grew up thinking that noone cared, and never heard any positive things from anyone. So even a simple, “I think you’re cool” would make their day, and possibly their week.
 Sometimes those are the only words that youth hear during the week that are encouraging…

I love encouraging! I know that it all starts at a young age…. by that I mean, the problems we all will carry into our adulthood. Our lovely… baggage.
It could be anything from abandonment issues, to male/female abuse issues, and the list goes on.
But thats why I love doing what I do.
I get to hang out with the kids, and say, “Hey, you guys rock!” not knowing the long term effects of what I’m doing. And even if it’s only for a few hours they get to relax, be themselves and have fun.
Thanks Jesus!

I love them!
= ]


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