Lions and Tigers and ..’Tests’ oh my.

So I have a lovely ulcer that randomly loves to appear every once in awhile.
I havent had any pains in a long time, so I figured it was gone.
A few days ago I had super bad pains where I couldn’t move and I was nauseous… I would eat something which would temporarily help but then after the fact it made things a billion times worse.
It was absolutely horrible. It lasted for hours on end … I wanted someone to shoot me.
(Usually it’s never that bad! yikes)

So the good news is I am finally going to get some testing done! Yey!
It’s about time.
I am gonna get some blood tests done (fun!)
And some other test, by a name I don’t know, where they stick a tube (with a camera on it) to take a look at my insides. It goes down my throat, duodenum, stomach, intestines…etc. I really hope I’m drugged for that.. cuz that would be wierd… and NO I will not be watching the video monitor.

Pray that the results go well!
I still trust in Jesus no matter what happens, cuz he rocks.

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